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The Pillars Of Success

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Second Title- Success is different for everyone. The key is being able to define what success is for you.

Pillars are your foundational habits that keep you accountable and grounded to who you are. They are habitual routines that give you clarity through repetition and act as pillars to your day.

Height light- Once you have this clarity-it’s game on!

You now have an objective, something to shoot for. A lot of times we only have clarity in maybe one area of our lives, such as our role or job. For me, motherhood was it. I knew I wanted to be the best mother I could be. I dove in with both feet with my home, my meals, my homeschooling and motherhood as my only focus.

After about 4 kids in, I hit a ceiling–and stared at it one night, asking God who I was. Was I more than my children’s Mother? Who was Jenny anyway? These questions and feelings of desire for more eventually led me on a journey of allowing myself to care for myself, too.

Quote -"I began the journey by picking up my paint brush, to starting a blog, exercising, designing planners and journals and becoming a small business owner. My motherhood was enhanced by my pursuit of me- I now jumped out of bed with eagerness and excitement every day!"

Don’t ever think Motherhood isn’t good enough, or not a worthy goal– it most certainly is, and as a Mom to 8 homeschooled children I can assure you, there is no greater calling.

I just want you to understand, if you indeed are in the thick of motherhood; if your mothering is the only thing you have going on, you need to be planning and dreaming beyond it.

Because, you my friend, are made for greatness! You are called to use your talents no matter where you are and you need to take time out for you to work on them and get good at them and share them with the world. Share your story, share what you’ve learned and what you’ve overcome.

  • I get home before any of my kids are even out of bed!
  • List - I get home before any of my kids are even out of bed!
  • You should have a Morning Pillar and an Evening Pillar.

When it comes to beginning your AM Pillars and PM Pillars, know they will be tough-you won’t want to do them at first. But I want you to understand this: if you don’t feel like doing it, that means you should do it; it’s your cue you’re on the right track. If it’s hard, it’s what will bring you closer to your goals and your best version of yourself.

The harder and tougher the goal is, the greater the yield in results.

To get started, get clarity on what you want. Do you want to get healthy? Lose weight? Write a book? Start a blog? Clean you face at night for once?

Find your clarity.

Then Plan it all out and make it happen. You know how you start? You just begin. Begin, my friends, and never quit. You’ve got this and I’m here to support you all the way.

Catch the replay of how you can plan a life you love with your AM and PM Pillars as your foundation using the Planner Perfect Method,

Go after it and Write a Better Story.

New to me? Introduce yourself and let me know how you are going to begin to begin.

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