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Plan Book + Traveler's Notebook Giveaway!


I am so excited to announce an incredible giveaway that is very near and dear to my heart. Why? Because it includes my son, Taylor Penton artist and midwest-based illustrator focused on the hand-crafted side of graphic design at



Taylor is an artist and entrepreneur (I'd like to think he gets it from yours truly) and we've teamed up to give the grand prize winner 3 special prints on 3 of my narrow PP Plan Books. Each print is hand lettered, painted and drawn to make them extra special.  Here they are in the store - Adventure & Travel Journals...

But that's not it, folks (cue the infomercial voice) ...

The grand prize giveaway also includes a gorgeous leather Traveler's Notebook!

Two additional winners will have their choice of one of the three travel and adventure journals!




To register, simply give us your information below! All names will be added to a drawing, and the winner will be randomly selected Monday, July 16th at noon.

(PS: If you register, but don't win - I'll also have a little gift for you too).

Good luck! 

The Adventure and Traveler's notebook giveaway has ended as of 7/16/18.  Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter for information on future giveaways, new products, and fun planning news!