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Baking Tip-In Collection

$ 12.00

Included in the Baking Tip-In Collection are beautiful baking day tip-ins:

  • 2 Whisk Baking Day Tip-Ins
  • 2 Spoon Baking Day Tip-Ins
  • 2 Rolling Pin Baking Day Tip-Ins
  • 2 Bowl Baking Day Tip-Ins

The gorgeous Baking Tip-In collection featuring Jenny Penton artwork is produced on the finest Red River paper so that you can tip in fun memories of the baking you made giving a place script your baking ideas on a fun little card to have handy.

Each Tip In approximately - 4" x 3"

These Tip-Ins are made when ordered, please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

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