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Domesticated Diva Tip-In Collection

$ 18.00

The Domesticated Diva tip-in collections is here!  You will stay motivated accomplishing your goals with these tip-ins pinned into your planners, on your mirror, or where ever else you post them!

All original artwork by Jenny Penton produced for your planning needs on beautiful and durable fine art paper.  Originally featured in the July 2018 Subscription Box.

These tip-ins liven up any planner page or journal page.  

Comes in a set of 12 tip-ins.  Includes the following Tip-Ins:

  1. Daisy Brain Dump Tip-In
  2. Pineapple Menu Tip-In
  3. Teal Love Birds To Do Tip-In
  4. Lady Baker Baking Day Tip-In
  5. Watermelon Menu Tip-In
  6. Pink Bike Top 3 Tip-In
  7. Globe My Summer Adventure Tip-In
  8. Cupcake Sweet Ideas Tip-In
  9. Mixer Baking Day Tip-In
  10. Daisy Brain Dump Tip-In
  11. Pink Bike Exercise Goals
  12. Watermelon Menu Tip-In

Each Tip In approximately - 4" x 3"

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