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Frosty Snowman Plan Book Kit ©

$ 67.00

Frosty Snowman Plan Book kits are here!  Perfect for beginners using the planner perfect method. Includes 2 Winter Plan Books, 8 Menu Card Tip-ins, and 8 Baking Days Tip-Ins!

Each plan book includes an art dashboard and monthly 2 page calendar.

Plan Books included:

  • January Frosty Snowman Plan Book
  • February Valentine Plan Book

    Menu Tip-Ins included:

    • 2 Whisk Menu Tip-Ins
    • 2 Rolling Pin Menu Tip-Ins
    • 2 Bowl Menu Tip-Ins
    • 2 Spoon Menu Tip-Ins

    Baking Days Tip-Ins included:

    • 2 Whisk Baking Day Tip-Ins
    • 2 Spoon Baking Day Tip-Ins
    • 2 Rolling Pin Baking Day Tip-Ins
    • 2 Bowl Baking Day Tip-Ins

    Artwork by Jenny Penton.

    Each journal cover is made of velvet fine art paper.  Inside each journal is 80 pages of Strathmore 24 lb. journaling paper which takes most art mediums. The bindings of the journals are stitched with thick, vivid red thread.  All this attention to detail is what gives Planner Perfect its unique and distinct look. 

    This journal is made when ordered, please allow up to two weeks for shipment

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