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Mr. Owl 12 Month Calendar Plan Book

$ 40.00

The Mr. Owl 12-Month Calendar Pan Book is a perfect addition to keep you organized for the months to come and a perfect compliment to all your monthly plan books.

This book can be a great book to plan in so many different ways. We offer calendars starting in the month you choose.  The 12 month calendar planner in includes 12 two page monthly calendars spaced throughout with pages between for all you monthly planning and journaling needs.

***Please not cover script will be updated to reflect "Plan 2017/2018 or Plan 2018" depending upon the year starting month.

Here are some ideas for using your 12-month plan books:

  • daily tasks you don't want in your plan book
  • household management
  • upcoming events 
  • doctors appointments 
  • medication information
  • weight loss tracker
  • business planner
  • birthday lists

So many possibilities! These would be amazing to give as gifts to your employees or team!

Each journal cover is made of velvet fine art paper.  Inside each journal are 80 pages of Strathmore 24 lb. journaling paper which takes most art mediums. The bindings of the journals are stitched with thick, vivid red thread.  All this attention to detail is what gives Planner Perfect its unique and distinct look.

This plan book is made when ordered, please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

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