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I'm Jenny Penton. Artist, Speaker, Founder of Planner Perfect and Mom of eight homeschooled children.

I inspire women to Write a Better Story for their lives and I'm glad you're here!

A lot of women, especially Moms, forget who they are.

They confuse their role as their calling and plan in a way that only considers the tasks at hand. Uninspired and lost, women keep going, serving others, tracking progress of tasks completed and living only a small percent of what they're worth and what they're capable of.

It's time to Write a Better Story, to take your life back and take your place as author and creator of your life! My Method is life changing and my Planners are set-up as a tool that inspire you to create, become a visionary, and map a life you love.

Uniquely designed with my Method, these planners, journals, and accessories are made with the finest paper, stitched with beautiful red thread and my artwork is featured on all my books. I can help you Write a Better Story. Welcome to Designs by Planner Perfect!

Your source for customizable and personalized, unique, high quality, and beautifully hand crafted planners, journals, notebooks, and planning accessories featuring original Jenny Penton artwork, original Taylor Penton artwork, and graphically designed work.

Be sure to check out Planner Perfect's beautifully designed and crafted full grain leather Traveler's Notebooks too!

Over 50,000 planners, notebooks, and journals; plus countless rolls of washi tape and stickers; shipped to all 50 states and numerous countries world wide!

All delivered to you from Omaha, Nebraska.

Jenny and her husband John are the proud parents of eight amazing homeschooled children (age range of 5 to 25). As of July 2017 they were blessed with Waylon; their first Grandson by Abby (daughter) and Charles (son-in-law).

A lot of women, especially Moms, forget who they are. My goal is to help you remember.

about the pages

Each monthly planner is set-up using Jenny's Planner Perfect method. Monthly Planners are created for one month of full planning, includes a dated 2-page calendar for that month, a goal section where you write your month's goals in great detail, and a daily section, a section devoted to a full page to script your life; to write a better story. By doing a daily check-in of the goals you've set, sprinkling them into your daily life not only helps you accomplish goals you otherwise would never have pursued, but keeps you organized, full of joy and always dreaming bigger than you ever thought possible. These planners are for women that want to plan beautifully, dream big, live creatively and most write a better story. We're glad you're here. Below you'll find details for all our planners and journals.

Designs by Planner Perfect's planners and journals are created using artwork from Jenny and Taylor Penton. Each planner and journal cover is made of velvet fine art paper and as the velvet indicates they feel like velvet. Inside each planner and journal are the highest quality 24lb journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums (water color, acrylic, ink etc.).

The bindings of the journals are stitched with thick, vivid red thread. All this attention to detail is what gives Planner Perfect its unique and distinct look. Designs Planner Perfect's books are all designed, created, assembled by hand, and bindings sewn in Nebraska by our team of creatives. 100% Made in the USA!

Currently we offer wide (5" x 8.25"), narrow (4.5" x 8.25"), B6 (5" x 7"), B6 slim (4.25" x 7"), personal (3.75" x 6.5"), & pocket (3.5" x 5.5") sized plan books, blank inserts and journals. The thick 24lb journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums (water color, acrylic, ink etc.) includes the option of blank or lined journalling pages. Line spacing is college rule.

These books can be use alone or they tuck beautifully inside one of Planner Perfect's full grain leather Traveler's Notebooks.

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