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My Planner Perfect delivery just arrived, now what?

First, congrats! This is very exciting. We've included an insert in your package that gives you a brief break down to help you get started. Jenny has also provided videos you can follow for each product:  Plan Books, Word of the Month plan books, Project Me, Affirmations Journal, Devotional Kits and Errand Runners. We also encourage you to join our Planner Perfect Fans Group on Facebook to network, bond and document your journey with your new friends!  


I need to speak to someone about my order. Who do I contact?

Please contact us through this form, and we'll have a Planner Perfect rep get back to you as quickly as possible.  


Will you ever come out with different sizes?

For now we offer the wide, narrow and personal. Designs by Planner Perfect keeps the Planner Perfect Method in mind when creating planners and journals for the room needed to write a better story.  


What is the Planner Perfect Method? The Planner Perfect Method was created by Jenny Penton to provide women with a fresh start each month. The Plan Books are formatted with a the month’s calendar, goal prompt, and daily prompt for daily planning. Keeping goals scripted with intent and by month enables women to achieve their goals easier and gives them a momentum to continue goal setting each month. The Planner Perfect plan books are created around this method. For more information visit our blog and click on The Planner Perfect Method for more information.  


What size are Traveler's Notebook fit your planners and journals best?

We offer sizes: wide, narrow and personal books.

Our wide books fit wide and A5 travelers notebooks (TNs). If you want to stuff your travelers notebook with more than 4 books, I would suggest the A5 size.

Our narrow books fit narrow TNs beautifully Our personal books fit personal TNs and B6 Slim.

I personally recommend the B6 for it is slighter wider then the personal and will provide just enough overhang to protect your books.  


Do you have to buy a Traveler's Notebook to use your books?

No, not at all. All of our journals and plan books are beautiful on their own. But if you like to keep several books together in one place then Traveler's Notebooks are the way to go and protects and wraps them beautifully.  


With so many companies selling Traveler's Notebooks, who do you recommend?

There are a lot of amazing artisans to choose from and it can get overwhelming.  Though I hate to play favorites, I have to say my go-to is the from the Chic Sparrow—they fit my books beautifully, they are well made and never disappoint.  


Do your planners and journals take paints and markers well?

Yes!! Our books are made with strathmore paper and can take all mediums beautifully such as watercolor and acrylic to Tombow and fountain pens. Have a wonderful time scripting your life and journaling to your hearts content!  


How often do you release new product?

Designs by Planner Perfect launches new art work and graphic prints for plan books and journals, seasonally. We also have launches for workbooks and journals with specific eCourses and classes for personal development at different times throughout the year. Receiving our newsletter is the best way to stay informed of all things new with Designs by Planner Perfect. You can sign-up here!



I'm new to Planner Perfect, where should I begin to write a better story?

I would start with our Plan Kit and a WREN journal. The plan book kit gives you 3 months of plan books and the option for a goal book. The Wren is our journal that coincides with our Project Me group on Facebook. The Project Me group as well as the Planner Perfect fans group are a fantastic way to begin your planner perfect journey. A group that gives you videos and live chats to declutter your soul from anything that could be preventing you from becoming who you were called to be and inspires you to care for you again. I would recommend joining Project Me and Planner Perfect fans on Facebook for support and videos on starting your journey using the PPM and keeps you inspired.  


I heard you have an affiliate program. How do I learn more and get involved?

Go here for more information about our exciting affiliate program!  


If you we didn't cover any of our questions here, contact us and a member of our team will get back to you shortly!