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Planner Perfect Method Monthly Planning Pages

Designs by Planner Perfect's Monthly Planners are created to allow you to both plan your days and script your days for each month of your life.

Inside each monthly planner you will find:

1 - The Write a Better Story dashboard on the first page. 

2 - A dated two page spread monthly calendar also corresponding to the  month chosen.

3 - After the two page calendar, there four pages of Goals to allow you write and track your monthly goals.  **Please note during the two months of the year that start with Sunday the first there will be two goal pages with the added bonus of an additional weekly agenda for your daily planning needs.**

4 - Immediately after the goals section you will find the first of 5 dated weekly agenda pages.

5 -The dated weekly agenda pages are followed with 12 pages for all your daily planning and scripting needs for that week.  These pages come with options of  blank pages, lined pages, dot grid pages, or graph pages.

6 - After the 12 pages for week one you will find the second week of the 5 dated weekly agenda pages...again followed by 12 pages for all your daily planning and scripting needs for that week.  Continued the same way through the third, fourth, and fifth weeks.  All dated weekly agenda pages corresponding to the month chosen.

7 - The final page of your Planner Perfect Planner is your Month in Review page



Begin now!  Write a Better Story for your Life with Designs by Planner Perfect's Monthly Planner.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate reaching out to us.