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Planner Perfect Goal Book

$ 40.00

This 12 month Goal Book featuring Jenny's Planner Perfect Daisy artwork is a gorgeous addition to your plan books and has been completely re-designed and updated. Keep this book nuzzled in the back of your plan books to use as a brain dump of all those long-term goals based upon the month that you want to achieve them. Use washi tape to act as tabs for different goals and you've got a beautiful harness for everything that your want to do, accomplish and see!

Choose your starting month and year in the drop downs.

Included in all 12 month planners: dashboard and twelve, two page, dated monthly calendars spaced equally through the 80 page planner giving ample planning room between each month.

Each planner cover is made with heavy and durable fine art paper designed to last!  Inside each planner are 80 pages of the highest quality, 24lb journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums (water color, acrylic, ink, etc.).

The planners are bound and stitched with thick vivid red thread; all this attention to detail is what gives Designs by Planner Perfect it's distinct look.

This 12 month Goal Book is made specially for you when ordered; please allow up to two weeks for shipment.


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