Traveler's Notebooks

About this collection:

Traveler's Notebooks by Planner Perfect are here! 

Very limited quantities of these leathers.  Some will never be produced again!

Introducing the Out and About Everyday Organized Traveler's Notebooks.  Two carefully designed styles in the most common sizes for planners and journals.

We can not convey the beauty of our our leather traveler's notebooks with words on a page.  These are the most amazing leather creations you will ever hold in your hands and Jenny is confident of this.  Jenny took six months developing this idea which literally started on a beach at Beaver Lake Nebraska one afternoon June of 2018 with her husband John.  The result is the best possible and the most practical designs; all created with the best leather available.  With the two of them involved whole heartedly for this amount of time there has literally been no detail not thoroughly thought through.  You will be amazed at what they have created.  We believe that we have literally set a new standard for all future leather Traveler's Notebooks; that few will be able to achieve.

Beautiful handmade, full grain leather travelers notebooks designed and crafted to perfection with high quality American leather.  Get the most out of your planning, journaling and errand running.

Carefully created and crafted with multiple options of the highest quality full grain leather.  Our choices of available leather represent a wide spectrum of the beautiful character that only full grain leather can provide.

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