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Welcome to the Planner Perfect!

I'm Jenny Penton. If you're new here, let me take one moment to introduce myself.

Several years ago, I was a mom of 8 (yes 8!), trying to survive the day to day of motherhood while also teaching and nurturing my family.

I didn't run my life. My life ran me. And as a result, I slipped into a daily, mundane routine.  There had to be more to life than this.

I was overwhelmed with a desire to live an intentional, purpose filled existence.  I had talents I wanted to share without the tools (or time) to bring them to life.  But I was determined. This would require a plan.

But not just a to-do list or some generic wish list. I needed a method. So I created one.

I call it, The Planner Perfect Method. With my own artwork, I've created beautiful planners, journals and devotionals. I'm honored to have led thousands of women, who have had their lives literally transformed through my teaching and tools. 

The method is simple, but the tools I provide are abundant.

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Again, Welcome to Planner Perfect.