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Lovely Lady Planner & Journal Set

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Planner Perfect's Lovely Lady Planner & Journal Set is going to keep you organized on the go!

The Lovely Lady consists of one 12 month planner and three journals -

  1. 12 month Planner featuring the She Blooms artwork - choose your starting month in the drop-down.
  2.  Menu Journal featuring the Artichoke artwork.
  3.  Errands Journal featuring the Blooming Sunflower artwork.
  4.  Wardrobe Journal featuring the Lovely Lady artwork.

Keep 4 books with you to keep your Appointments, Errands, Wardrobe, and your Menu all in one place. These books fit perfectly into a travelers notebook and are sold in all six sizes.

  • 12 Month Planner to keep all your appointments throughout the year.
  • Errands - the perfect place to put your errand running all in one place.
  • Wardrobe - This is the number one organizational tool every woman should own as a place for your personal and your family's wardrobe needs.  
  • Menu- This Menu book keeps you organized, within budget (unless you shop at Target, then I can't guarantee anything!), and a winner in the kitchen!

Each Planner and Journal cover is made with covers featuring artwork by Jenny Penton on heavy and durable fine art paper.  Each Planner & Journal includes 80 pages of the highest quality 24lb journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums (watercolor, acrylic, ink etc.).

The Planners & Journals are bound and stitched with vivid red thread; all this attention to detail is what gives Designs by Planner Perfect its distinct look.

These Planners & Journals are made specially for you when ordered; please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

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