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behind the pages | the planner perfect method

My Mom is a life planner and always has been.  I remember her writing her favorite scripture at the top of her planning pages, which was just a notebook at the time, and dreaming about her goals and our family's goals.  Every day she would sit in her favorite chair, and write and write and write.  She was a visionary for her life and an extraordinary woman who took her life seriously and made a choice to be the best she could be, and all she could be, as a woman and a mother.  This life goal could not be left to chance and she made a point to plan a life of joy and purpose.
Just like my Mother, I love paper, I love planning, I love being inspired, and writing it all down. There's just something about the art of dreaming about your life and scripting it on paper; it's a spiritual experience and comes from the wellspring of the heart.
My awakening to my calling is why and how the Planner Perfect blog, the Planner Perfect Method, and these uniquely designed planners, plan books, journals, and other accessories were conceived. I've created the Planner Perfect method for all women to be used with ease; inspired by my mother and designed and brought to life by me.  Planners made using my method are a dream catcher that makes a statement that you take your life seriously and you are not forgetting yourself. As mother's we often times put ourselves last, pushing our children into the promise land never experiencing the joy of using our gifts and our talents. We should not only use our gifts and talents for our family but we should use them to serve the world. I want to inspire you to, write a better story...
If you love planning, planners, being creative, and the or even the idea of planning; this site is for you. Welcome to Designs by Planner Perfect!
Jenny and her husband John are parents of eight amazing homeschooled children and owners of Penton Enterprises Lawn and Landscape in Papillion, Nebraska.
A portion of Planner Perfect's proceeds are donated monthly to various Christian ministries and charities across the United States.