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behind the pages

I'm Jenny Penton. Artist, Speaker, Planner and Founder of Planner Perfect and Designs by Planner Perfect in Omaha, Nebraska. I am also a busy Mom of eight homeschooled children and Grandma to one precious boy.
I inspire women to Write a Better Story for their lives and I'm glad you're here!
A lot of women, especially Moms, forget who they are.
They confuse their role as their calling and plan in a way that only considers the tasks at hand. Uninspired and lost, women keep going, serving others, tracking progress of tasks completed and living only a small percent of what they're worth and what they're capable of.
It's time to Write a Better Story, to take your life back and take your place as author and creator of your life! The Planner Perfect Method is life changing and our Planners are set-up as a tool that inspire you to create, become a visionary, and map a life you love.
Uniquely designed with my Method, these planners, journals and accessories are made with the finest paper, stitched with beautiful red thread and my artwork is featured on all my books.
I can help you Write a Better Story. Welcome to Designs by Planner Perfect!