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Lovely Lady Errand Runner Journal Set with 4 Seasonal Tip-Ins

$ 104.00

Planner Perfect's Lovely Lady Errand Runner Journals are going to keep you organized on the go!  Planner Perfect's errand runner journals and errand runner journal sets fit perfectly in many different sized travelers notebooks, or used alone, and can be used as a perfect way to keep you organized on the go! Available 6 different sizes!

Each errand runner set consists of four errand runners - 

  1. 12 month errand runner featuring the She Blooms floral
  2.  Shop errand runner featuring the Green Wreath
  3.  Eat errand runner featuring the Artichoke
  4.  Wear errand runner featuring the Lovely Lady
  5.  Four tip-ins that say Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer that can be tipped in to separate your Wear errand runner.

Keep all of your appointments (12 month errand runner), shopping lists (Shop errand runner), meal planning & grocery lists (Eat Errand Runner), and wardrobe planning with tip-ins (Wear errand runner) all in one space in your errand runner traveler's notebook.  Feel free to contact us for information on the many different beautifully crafted traveler's notebooks that are available out there.

Each errand runner cover is made of velvet fine art paper and inside each errand runner are 80 pages of heavy weight, 24lb journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums (water color, acrylic, ink etc.).  The plan books are bound and stitched with vivid red thread; all this attention to detail is what gives Designs by Planner Perfect it's distinct look. 

Artwork by Jenny Penton.

Please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

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