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Lovely Lady Errand Runner Journal Set

$ 98.00

Planner Perfect's Lovely Lady Errand Runner Journals are going to keep you organized on the go!

The Lovely Lady errand runner set consists of four errand runners - 

  1. 12 month Errand Runner planner featuring the She Blooms artwork - choose your starting month in the drop-down.
  2.  Menu Errand Runner featuring the Artichoke artwork.
  3.  Errands Errand Runner featuring the Blooming Sunflower artwork.
  4.  Wardrobe Errand Runner featuring the Lovely Lady artwork.

Keep 4 books with you to keep your Appointments, Errands, Wardrobe, and your Menu all in one place. These books fit perfectly into a travelers notebook and are sold in all six sizes; yet ideally B6, B6 Slim, & Personal sizes are ideal to fit easily in your hand and/or purse and take on the go.

  • 12 Month Planner to keep all your appointments throughout the year.
  • Errands - the perfect place to put your errand running all in one place.
  • Wardrobe - This is the number one organizational tool every woman should own as a place for your personal and your family's wardrobe needs.  
  • Menu- This Menu book keeps you organized, within budget (unless you shop at Target, then I can't guarantee anything!), and a winner in the kitchen!

Each errand runner cover is made with covers featuring artwork by Jenny Penton on heavy and durable fine art paper.  Each errand runner includes 80 pages of the highest quality 24lb journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums (watercolor, acrylic, ink etc.).

The errand runners are bound and stitched with vivid red thread; all this attention to detail is what gives Designs by Planner Perfect it's distinct look.

These errand runners are made specially for you when ordered; please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

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