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Planner Perfect Monthly Journal Subscription Box

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Designs by Planner Perfect's Monthly Journal Subscription Box

Please note:  this Monthly Journal Subscription Box does not include a Planner and images are shown as an example of previous kits.

**Free Domestic US Shipping!!**

Let us help make it easier to journal a life that you love with a monthly journal subscription box! Each month you will receive a Journal plus fabulous planning accessories for all that you need to plan your best life each month; all featuring the newest art available!!


Planner Perfect's Monthly Journal Subscription Box—Stay organized with a new and unique journal, and other items available initially only to subscribers at an incredible price!  

Includes planning goodies for your next month’s journaling that arrive automatically right at your door!

Items you’ll see throughout your subscription will include a a journal / notebook, stickers, tip-ins, and washi tape featuring fun artwork designs that only subscribers will receive at discounted prices!!   Artwork released in the subscription boxes may not necessarily be offered for sale individually in the store....

Each month is a new surprise box to journal your next month with!

All featuring original artwork by Jenny Penton

**Please Note**

Subscription box planners and journals currently are available with dot grid and blank journaling pages (they do not have the options of lined or graph journaling pages at this time).

All new subscribers with orders placed by the 10th of each month will be processed that month with the following month's featured theme (for example:  New subscriber with an order placed between July 11 and August 10 would receive the September themed planning items that ship in August) New subscriber's boxes will not ship with the bulk of active subscribers on the 15th, rather they will ship in approximately 14 days after your order is placed.

After the 10th of the month your subscription order will begin the following month with shipment approximately the 15th.

After your initial subscription order, the system will bring you current with the schedule that active subscribers are already on.  For instance it's the 10th of the month and you order your first monthly box, after you receive your first subscription box the system will update your schedule with a second charge so that you will receive the next month's box which active subscribers paid for earlier in the month on the 10th.  In the beginning of your subscription the system will automatically update your charges to get you into the regular charge and shipment cycle; all the while ensuring that you receive the current boxes in the most timely manner.

Each month after you become an active subscriber your subscription order will automatically be placed on the 10th of the month.  No obligation, modify, or cancel your subscription anytime before your future order is automatically placed.

Pictures shown are past monthly journal boxes.

If you reactivate an existing subscription that you have put on pause please reach out to us directly to make sure you are in que to start again with your desired subscription box; otherwise your subscription could resume with the following month's shipment. 

Please review the following ordering and shipping schedule for Active subscribers (new subscribers MUST READ the please note section above):

    **All current subscriptions ship approximately the 15th of the month with journaling items for the following month to give you ample time to journal***

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      Included in all Planner Perfect Monthly Planners: a Write a Better Story dashboard, four goal pages, two page dated monthly calendar, goal pages, five dated two page weekly agendas, and a month in review page.  Between each weekly agenda are twelve pages to plan and script your week.  For a closer view of the Planner Perfect Scripting Method Monthly Planner pages go here >>>>

      Each planner & Journal cover is made with heavy and durable fine art paper and inside each planner is 80 pages of the highest quality 24lb, cotton wove, journaling paper that beautifully takes most art mediums (water color, acrylic, ink etc.).

      The planners and journals are bound and stitched with thick vivid red thread; all this attention to detail is what gives Designs by Planner Perfect it's distinct look.
      Active Planner Perfect subscribers subscriptions are automatically processed on the 10th of each month.

      All new subscribers with orders placed by the 10th of each month will be processed that month with the following month's featured theme (for example: New subscriber with an order placed between July 21 and August 10 would receive the September themed planning items)

      For a closer view of the Planner Perfect Subscription Box charge and shipment schedule visit here >>>

      All subscription boxes for regular subscribers ship approximately the 15th of each month and includes supplies for the following month of planning and journaling.

      For a closer view of the Planner Perfect Subscription Box charge and shipment schedule visit here >>>

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